Nancy Grabe

I believe that God intends us to all have full & abundant lives. My office is a place of safety that allows teens and adults to process and heal so they can find the life they were intended to live.

(678) 596-6884
ZIP Codes: 30076,30004,30005,30009,30022,30050,30075,30062,30068,30067,30328,30350,30338,30346,30066,30060

 1986, Nancy received her Master’s in Clinical Social Work from Rutgers.

Nancy is trained in cognitive behavioral, psychotherapy, Sozo prayer and Brainspotting (a researched, effective treatment for trauma, anxiety & OCD)

She is also a certified  as a Irlen Screener & an Amen Brain Health Coach

Certification License Number: GBOE # 12142016